What is the Cost Per square Foot for Commercial Painting

Posted on: November 10th, 2020

How Much Does Commercial Paint Cost?

Most people know that first impressions are extremely important. Potential customers make judgments the moment they walk through the door. So, keeping your commercial space in top condition is essential to your company’s success. 

The problem is that most business owners don’t set aside money in their budget for upgrading or maintaining their commercial space. Figuring out how to determine these costs will make it much easier to move forward with aesthetic improvements. Especially when it comes to painting. New paint can transform a building without breaking the budget. What is the cost per square foot for commercial painting? Here’s how you can determine that. 

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How to Estimate Exterior Commercial Painting 

Accurate cost estimates are necessary for the successful completion of any of your projects, including exterior painting. Professional painters must be able to calculate all costs associated with materials, labor, equipment, and other miscellaneous items. A good estimate should be flexible if project modifications arise. 

Below are a few things to consider when estimating the costs of a commercial painting job.

The size of the area 

To calculate the area you’ll need to paint, you’ll multiply the height by the length of each wall. Then, add the numbers you get to determine the total square footage. Don’t forget to also calculate the areas you don’t need to paint on those walls, such as doors and windows. Subtract their total square footage from the total square footage of outside walls. 

Calculate how much paint is needed 

Usually, you can plan on one gallon of paint to cover 400 square feet of smooth surface. If the surface is textured, one gallon will cover closer to 300 square feet. Textured walls tend to soak up quite a bit more paint. Do the calculations, as explained above, to determine how many gallons you should buy. Be sure to double your numbers if it seems likely that the walls will benefit from a double coat. 

Determine labor costs 

It’s essential to know how many hours a worker will need to put in to complete a job, to accurately calculate labor costs. Make sure that you include wall prep. If you have ever painted yourself, you know how much time it takes to prep for painting the right way. Caulking, taping, scraping, washing, repairing, and priming are very time-consuming tasks. But, all are necessary for a quality end result you will be pleased with. 

Once you’ve estimated the total amount of hours the job could take, multiply it by the hourly wage the painter will charge. For example, if the painters charge $15 an hour and you calculate it should take 50 hours to finish the job, then total labor costs would be $750 (50 hours multiplied by $15 an hour). 

Total cost for materials 

Good quality paint usually costs between $25-$40 per gallon. We recommend paying a little higher price for quality paint that has better coverage and will look nicer in the long run. Use the number of square footage calculated earlier to determine the cost of the paint you will need. Be sure to add in the cost of materials such as ladders, brushes, drop cloths, tape, and rollers. 

Time to hire a painting contractor 

Now that you know the answer to what is the cost per square foot for commercial painting,” it’s time to find a painting contractor. If your commercial building is located in or around the Sacramento area, feel free to contact us. Take a look at our reviews. You’ll see that we have great reviews from our customers and that we do 5-star quality work! We’ll gladly give you a free estimate or answer any questions to help make your project a success. 

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