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In your search for a Davis house painting service, you want a company that does a great job at a good price. You also want a contractor that uses the best products to ensure your paint job looks great for years. The same is true if you’re looking for a Davis commercial painting contractor. We have great reviews on Google that serve as evidence of how thorough we are with our work. Whether you need your home’s exterior or interior painted, we’ll do a five-star job.

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Interior and Exterior Davis House Painting Service

At PaintRite Pros, we believe in providing you with a great experience before, during, and after we paint your house. Afterall, this is your home and you should love living in it. When we perform an interior or exterior house painting service, we do all of the prep work so you don’t have to. If we’re painting the inside of your home, we’ll move and cover all the necessary furniture and protect your carpet as well. If we’re painting the exterior of your home, we’ll pressure wash the walls and protect your outside equipment as well. You won’t have to do a thing. Once we’re finished, we’ll put everything back the way it was and back up our work with warranties that last for years.

Part of providing you with a great Davis house painting service means making your home look the way you want and making it a place you love to be. No matter the project, kitchen cabinets, garage floor epoxy, fence painting, etc., we’ll make it the color you want with the shine you’re looking for. If you’re a little unsure of exactly the color you want, we can help you decide what colors to use.

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Top Davis Commercial Painting Contractors

Hiring Davis commercial painting contractors is expensive. The last thing you want to do is hire a commercial painter only to get shoddy work. We back up our work with long-lasting warranties because we’re proud of the work we do and believe in its durability. Also, we use the best paints from Sherwin Williams and proven painting methods to ensure it looks as close to perfect as possible. See why we’re the top Davis commercial painting contractors.

Garage Floor Epoxy

If you spend much time in your garage or if you’d like to, garage floor epoxy is a must-have. We’ve been doing it for years and know how to make your garage feel just like your living room. Okay maybe it won’t feel like your living room but it’ll be the perfect place to work on your cars or for your workbench. Garage floor coating also makes cleaning up oil or antifreeze leaks a lot easier. Plus, we’ll do it for a great price so you won’t have to break the bank. No Davis home is complete without garage floor epoxy.

Top Painting Contractors in Davis

Choosing the right colors is crucial to your satisfaction. No matter how good the painters are, the wrong colors will make you unhappy. That’s why we help you choose colors that go with the rest of your house but you’re also more than welcome to pick out the colors yourself. If you don’t know what colors you want, we’ll help you out. We can do virtually any color combination. Whether you want mint and pink or muted colors like gray or brown, our painters in Davis will make it look just the way you want.

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