Can You Paint a Vinyl Fence?

Posted on: December 8th, 2020


Can You Paint a Vinyl Fence?

Vinyl fences are often installed as a maintenance-free alternative to wood. But, over time you may want to refresh your vinyl fencing due to fading or just prefer a different color. Many homeowners wonder: “Can you paint a vinyl fence?” The answer is yes and it can be a very simple process. Here are some guidelines to follow: 

  1. Check the warranty 

The first thing to consider is whether or not the fencing is under warranty. Some vinyl fencing is more durable than regular wood fencing. Keep in mind that its longer warranty could become void if you paint it and damage the surface. 

  1. Clean and sand the surface 

The best way to clean a vinyl fence is with a power washer. You’ll want to choose a spray tip that has a wider, cone-shaped spray and a lower PSI, around 300 or so. If you use a higher pressure spray top or too much water pressure, you run the risk of damaging or cracking the vinyl. Make sure to wipe down with a clean, dry rag when finished. If you don’t have access to a power washer you can always go the old-fashioned route and use a soft sponge and warm soapy water. It may take a little longer but will still do the trick. 

Because vinyl is so smooth, it may be a good idea to scuff sand the fence. You’ll have a better chance of the paint adhering to the fence if you don’t skip this step. 

  1. Choose a primer and paint 

Because vinyl is a non-porous material most paint won’t adhere to it very well. Some paint may stick at first but over time will completely peel off. So, you’ll need to choose a primer and paint carefully- ones that are designed for use on vinyl products. 

It is very important that you apply a layer of primer to make sure that your top layer of paint doesn’t crack or bubble.

Paints that are acrylic-based are the best for vinyl as they stick to it better without cracking or chipping off. Do not use poor-quality latex or oil-based paints. They will not expand and contract with the surfaces and will eventually crack and peel. You would also be well advised to only choose light colors of paint. Dark colors attract heat and can promote excessive expansion. Permanent warping could occur. This is one reason why you rarely see dark colors on vinyl fencing. 

In conclusion, if you are certain you feel the need to paint your vinyl fence, make sure you follow these steps and guidelines so you can enjoy the end result and avoid causing any unnecessary damage. If you still have questions or if you’d like help painting your fence, click here to get a free estimate. We are located in the Sacramento area and would be happy to help.

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