Commercial Painting vs. Residential Painting Guide: Which Do You Need? 

Posted on: August 29th, 2022

Commercial Painting vs Residential Painting

When you’re searching for a professional painter in your area, you’ll discover there are basically two types of painting services available: commercial painting and residential painting. Because both services offer a variety of options, it may be confusing to know which service is right for you. If you’re wondering how to tell the difference between them, we’ll clearly lay it out for you in this commercial painting vs. residential painting guide. In a nutshell, commercial painting deals with larger-scale paint jobs while residential refers to interior or exterior home painting.

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What is Commercial Painting? 

Commercial painting services typically deal with painting stores, businesses, restaurants, and office buildings. Even though condos and apartment complexes are considered residential, upgrading their interior and exterior falls under a commercial grade project. 

Commercial painters have more experience working with businesses rather than homes. The primary jobs of a commercial painter are generally the same as residential painters, just on a larger scale. Oftentimes they work for a contractor which means they need to be able to accommodate working with strict deadlines. The primary responsibilities of a commercial painter are as follows: 

  • Perform exterior and interior painting of commercial buildings, steel, equipment, and other structures
  • Powerwashing 
  • Masonry repair 
  • Logo panting 
  • Church painting 
  • Hotel Remodeling painting 
  • Roof Coatings 
  • Condo and apartment complex painting 
  • New drywall painting 
  • Brick waterproofing 
  • Stenciling 

It’s clear that the size of your project will greatly determine what kind of painting service you need. When undertaking projects involving an HOA or painting any kind of business, you should feel secure moving forward with a commercial painting service. 

What is Residential Painting? 

Professional residential painters are pros when it comes to painting houses. They deal solely with improving the interior and exterior of single-family homes. Offering so many services that cater to your family’s unique needs, residential painters can completely transform your home while improving its curb appeal. When you hire the right residential painter, you can feel confident that their experience and know-how will ensure you get excellent results. 

Painting is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve both the interior and exterior of your home. A qualified residential painter will work quickly and be able to provide you with an exact quote beforehand so you stay within budget. Below is a list of the services you can expect from a residential painter: 

  • Wood and trim painting 
  • Wall and ceiling painting 
  • Caulking and sealing 
  • Stucco and aluminum siding painting 
  • Wood replacement and repair 
  • Deck and fence staining or painting 
  • Garage painting 
  • Plaster and drywall repair 

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Difference Between Commercial Painting and Residential Painting

The task of painting your commercial property versus residential painting are very different. Different skills and tools are required due to the sheer increase in square footage of commercial painting. Painting a home comes with potentially dealing with more complicated details such as cabinets and trim. 

The main differences between commercial painting and residential painting are the size of the project, materials and equipment, the number of painters involved, and the various services they both provide. 

When do you need a commercial painting company?

Commercial painters are needed for projects where large or tall buildings are concerned that require experience and endurance. For commercial buildings, the quality of appearance is imperative to brand or market a business. Jobs on this level should never be a DIY project as could potentially be the case for smaller residential projects. 

When do you need a residential painting company? 

When you’re looking for a more personal touch and want to communicate with professionals who can help you choose the right paint and colors for your home, a residential painting company is the best option for you. These painters will also ensure your flooring and furniture will be protected during the entire painting process. 

Commercial Painting vs. Residential Painting Conclusion

Commercial painters and residential painters offer very different services. Once you narrow down what your painting needs are, you’ll be able to move forward with the right painting service for you. 

Whether you need a simple painting job completed or you have a large-scale project in mind for your business, PaintRite Pros has you covered. We have an experienced team of technicians who can assist you in both residential or commercial painting throughout the Sacramento area. We serve the entire area including Roseville, El Dorado Hills, Stockton, and more! Let our professional painters create the unique vision you have for your space. Contact our friendly staff today!

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Can You Paint Stucco?

Posted on: August 19th, 2022

Can You Paint Stucco?

Because stucco is a porous surface made of cement, people often wonder, ”Can you paint stucco?” While you most definitely can paint stucco, there are certain paints you’ll want to avoid using and other things to consider. Choosing the right kind of paint will prevent blistering and peeling as well as prevent moisture from penetrating the material and causing damage. So let’s learn the ins and outs of painting stucco, what paint works best, as well as popular stucco color choices to consider. 

How Long Does Paint Last?

What is Stucco? 

Stucco is the thin, finish coat that goes on the outermost layer of homes or commercial business buildings. Many people think that stucco is the same thing as concrete. While concrete is made of water, cement, and sand, stucco also contains lime in the mix. Modern stucco has added polymers and other added agents that help improve its resilience and flexibility. One really nice thing about stucco is that once dry, it’s a very breathable surface. This allows for moisture to pass through or evaporate from behind which helps avoid damage and rot. 

How to Paint Stucco? 

When your stucco exterior starts to look dingy and run down, it may need more than a quick spray down with the hose. Homeowners can tend to shy away from attempting to repaint stucco but given the proper steps to follow, you should feel confident tackling this project. If you want to achieve professional-looking results, follow these steps on how to paint stucco:

Step 1 

Start by cleaning the surface area of any dust or grime. Apply an appropriate cleaner. Go over the surface with a stiff brush to clean the deeply grooved exterior. If done properly, a power washer may be used. Allow your stucco to dry for at least 24 hours before you begin painting. 

Step 2 

Thoroughly inspect your stucco. Be sure you fill in any small cracks in your stucco with masonry caulk. Remove any loose stucco with a putty knife and repair it with stucco patching compound. 

Step 3

Using a napped roller, apply an acrylic primer to your stucco. Cut in the corners with a synthetic paint brush. Acrylic primers are a good choice because they adhere well to the uneven, rough finish of the stucco. You may want to apply two coats for the best coverage. Just be cautious to allow enough drying time between coats to prevent the primer from dripping. 

Step 4 

Apply paint as you did the primer. It’s helpful to note that due to the texture of stucco, you’ll need more paint per square foot than normal. Plan on needing twice as much paint for full coverage of stucco. One coat may be sufficient if the surface has been primed well. Use your own judgment. If applying a second coat, follow the manufacturer guidelines for ample drying times. 

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Best Stucco Paints 

The amount of exterior paints on the market these days are endless. So many choices can be totally overwhelming. However, when it comes to painting stucco, there are really only two choices: acrylic latex or elastomeric paint. 

  • Acrylic Paint 

About 80% of the time you will want to go with acrylic latex exterior paint. This paint is likely your best option. It’s flexible, durable, and allows the stucco to breathe. They are also known for being easy to apply as well as low maintenance to clean up. Last but not least, acrylic paint is affordable which is always an added bonus. 

  • Elastomeric Paint 

It may be a good idea to speak to your neighbors that have painted their stucco exteriors with success. If they used elastomeric paint and were pleased with the finished product, it may be a good choice for your home. Known for its longevity and protective qualities, it has the potential to last 4-6 years longer than acrylic paint. Keep in mind that because of its thick nature, elastomeric paint does not breathe well which can lead to trapped moisture and rotting under the surface. 

Best Stucco Paint Colors 

Colors with a high light reflective value (LRV) are generally the best colors for exterior stucco. They reflect more UltraViolet radiation away from the paint’s surface, protecting the pigment which preserves color. This would include colors such as sandstone, gray, white, off-white, pink, peach, and tan. Rust, brown, and yellow are also popular colors for exterior stucco.

Can You Paint Stucco Conclusion 

When you want to update your exterior stucco and give it a fresh new look, painting is certainly an option. If you live in the Sacramento area and would prefer to turn the job over to professionals, PaintRite Pros has you covered. 

If you’re searching for the best exterior painting service near Sacramento, you can rest assured that no one fits that description better than our team here at PaintRite Pros. We serve the entire Sacramento area including Dixon, Roseville, and Stockton. Click the button below to schedule your free estimate. 

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