Exterior Brick Paint Color Ideas for Your Home

Repainting the outside of your home can make it look brand new and up its value. That’s just as true for brick houses as it is for any other type of exterior. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of exterior brick paint color ideas for your home. From white to blue, beige, black, or red, there are plenty of great colors to use for your exterior brick. Exterior house paint is usually seen as an upgrade and does wonders for the look of your house. Below are some exterior brick paint color ideas for you.

white and beige brick housewhite brick painted house


White and Beige

Everyone knows that painting the exterior of your house can make it look brand new. That’s no secret. If you need some ideas for brick paint colors then white is a great option. White brick brings with it an incredibly clean and fresh look. You can’t go wrong with white. In addition to looking beautiful and clean, white has so many similar shades for you to pick from. For example, a creamy gray will give your home the look of a rustic country cottage.

We recommend going with a pretty neutral shade of white for the main exterior brick color and then adding accents of a different color such as beige or khaki. You can also paint your house a true, bright, clean color of white and add black or gray shutters as accents.

Another benefit of white-painted brick is that it makes your home look bigger. That’s generally true of lighter colors. Plus, white and off-white don’t fade after years of exposure to the sun like darker colors tend to.

Light Grey Painted Exterior Brick 

Light grey is a beautiful choice when it comes to painting exterior brick. This color can give off a classic look, or it can put out a contemporary vibe depending on how you dress it up. With a bit more depth and personality than just plain white, grey never appears too stark or overpowering. Its natural, earthy tone also allows for a pleasant contrast against green landscaping. 

With light grey exterior brick you can also have some fun with your trim and accents. Black detailing for your trim, shutters, and railings make for a bold ensemble. You also can’t go wrong with pairing bright white with light grey. This duo is definitely trending right now and for good reason.

Bold Black Brick 

Black brick painted houseThere is no question that you have to be bold to go with black for your exterior brick color. But bold is definitely all the rage. When you really want your brick home to stand out in a positive way, paint your home black. Because black pairs so well with almost every color, your trim, and accent possibilities are endless. From cheery yellow to dusty blue or classic white, you can express your personality in a big way.

Sage Green 

Muted greens like sage, are regaining popularity as exterior brick paint colors. Sage has strong ties to the greenery and nature that surrounds your home. The color lends a sophisticated air when you combine it with bright whites or even gold accents. Sage is the perfect tone for both those who love color and those who are drawn to neutrals. 

Because sage leans toward the cooler side of the color spectrum, warm-toned accents are the perfect compliment. If you want to maintain a mostly neutral color scheme, go for creamy shades of white or even rose gold as accents.

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