With Paint Rite Pros’ commercial painting services, you can ensure your Sacramento business or multi-family home is attractive and protected from the elements. We also work within HOA guidelines to ensure paint choices comply with the community’s rules and regulations. We stand by the quality of our commercial interior and exterior painting. We take every step to thoroughly prep the surfaces of your building, which ensures the paint job turns out smooth and consistent. This involves minor repairs, such as repairing areas of dry rot, loose boards, nails, and filling cracks. Our team knows how to properly paint a variety of materials, from wood to stucco. If you aren’t completely satisfied, we’ll make it right. Contact us today to request your free quote.

Commercial Painting for Your Sacramento Property

Commercial interior and exterior painting can have a huge impact on the appearance of your building. For business owners, a freshly painted storefront can convey your branding and the general feel of your business. Is your exterior worn, with faded, peeling paint? Fresh paint can make it look more appealing and express the pride you have in your business. Likewise, interior paint can enhance the space, making it more welcoming or promote your brand messaging. Color psychology is also an important factor to keep in mind. Careful selection of the color of a waiting room can increase patience and influence feelings of wellbeing. Similarly, it can also have an impact on the productivity of employees.

Our commercial painting services can also improve the curb appeal of rental properties and homes. In one study from Consumer Reports, a new paint job was shown to increase the value of a home by 2-5 percent. Additionally, commercial interior and exterior painting can make it easier for landlords and property managers to fill vacancies. A property that looks clean and well maintained is likely to have more applicants than one with peeling or faded paint.

Part of our success is due to having a team of committed design specialists, painters, and customer service reps. Everyone here loves what they do, and it shows with the excellent reviews we receive, like this one from Jeffrey W:

“If you are looking for a stress-free project, I highly recommend Paintrite Pros for all of your painting needs. Unlike most typical paint “companies,” Paintrite Pros works off of a business-like structure that takes away a lot of the guesswork and stress. From the in-depth estimates to the team of office staff that is easy to communicate with before, during, and after the job, to the amazing crew of painters, Paintrite Pros does it all the way it should be done. On top of that, Chris, the owner of the company, is a stand-up guy who wants to make sure that his customers are happy. Locally owned, but run with the professionalism of a big business, Paintrite Pros is definitely worth checking out for your next painting project.”

We also offer a range of services to revitalize your property. We paint and stain decks, fences, baseboards, and cabinets. Give us a call at (916) 667-8050 to learn more about our services or request your free quote.