Is Acrylic Base Coat Water Based? 

Posted on: May 11th, 2022

Is Acrylic Base Coat Water Based? 

Given the fact that not all paints are created equal, people often wonder if acrylic base coats are water-based? Because materials react differently on different surfaces and in various conditions, it’s really important to understand the difference between water-based, oil-based, and acrylic paint. You might assume that choosing the right color of paint for your project is the first step to take when starting a project. However, choosing the right type of paint for your needs should be the first thing to consider.

Is Acrylic Base Coat Water Based? 

Acrylic paint is water-based, adheres extremely well, and is very durable. It sticks so well that it can be applied to almost any surface. Every professional painter can attest as this paint sticks to their fingers for several days if nitrite gloves aren’t worn. 

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Is Acrylic Paint Latex? 

Acrylic paint is not the same as latex. The main difference between acrylic and latex paint is that while they are both water-based, acrylic paint contains chemicals. The chemicals in acrylic paint allow it to expand and contract with the changing temperature and weather. This quality makes acrylic an excellent paint for exterior projects. 

Acrylic paint comes in many varieties such as: 

  • Acrylic Latex 
  • Acrylic Latex Enamel 
  • Acrylic Enamel 

Is Latex Paint Water Based? 

Water-based paint is also referred to as latex paint and is the most commonly used among homeowners. This type of paint is great when painting your ceilings, walls, and doors and is known for being environmentally friendly. It’s less toxic and easier to clean up than oil-based paints. Typically, latex paints are less expensive which is always a plus. 

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When to Choose Oil-Based Paint 

Oil-based paints are an excellent choice when working with surfaces like trim and cabinets. They form a harder and longer-lasting coating than most latex paints. Trim and baseboards can take a lot of abuse so consider oil-based paint for your high-traffic areas.

Is Acrylic Paint Good to Use in California? 

Due to the salty air and high exposure to UV rays throughout the year, California homeowners are advised to apply a fresh coat of exterior paint to their homes on a regular basis in order to extend its lifespan. Depending on the quality of your paint, it’s a good idea to paint your exterior every 5-10 years. 

When to Use Acrylic Paint 

Acrylic paint is known for being durable and long-lasting. It’s best used on wood and aluminum siding, stucco, drywall, plaster, and porch floors. Some of the most durable paints for exterior application, acrylics form an excellent bond to masonry and cement surfaces. 

It’s commonly recommended for professional painters to use acrylic paint for exterior surfaces. Its versatility and ease of application are just two of the major benefits of acrylic. 

When Not to Use Acrylic Paint 

Because acrylic paint is water-based, it’s usually non-toxic. But some versions do contain toxic ingredients or even carcinogens. With that said, acrylic paint can release harmful fumes as the paint dries. Additionally, acrylic paints that contain toxic ingredients usually have to be labeled with a warning but regulations aren’t the same in all countries. The common contents used to make acrylic paint are not the most environmentally friendly. They include heavy metals such as toluene, styrene, xylene, monomer, etc. If harmful metals are present in your paint, air-brushing may be particularly dangerous. 

With acrylic paint being extremely glossy, it isn’t always the best option for surfaces such as ceilings and interior walls. The high glossy factor can often be too shiny and distracting. While very durable, the high sheen will regretfully point out any flaw or imperfection on the surface it’s painted on.

Conclusion: Is Acrylic Base Coat Water Based? 

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