Best Home Paint Supply Stores in Sacramento for DIY Projects

Posted on: April 25th, 2022

Best Home Paint Supply Stores in Sacramento

Deciding what store to purchase your paint from before starting a project can actually have a lot of impact on ensuring your best overall results. Paint stores don’t just offer color and finish paint choices but can be an excellent source of expert advice. Employees can assist you in finding the best paint and tools for your unique project. With the best selections of top-quality products and reputable paints, superior paint stores have a lot to offer. 

Even if you have to drive a little further to a store out of your way, it may be well worth your time. It’s easy to make costly mistakes with a DIY project so to be able to avoid some typical pitfalls and mistakes right out of the gate is really important. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best paint stores in the Sacramento area to help you have an overall positive experience no matter what project you have in mind. 

1. Sherwin Williams

Phone: 916-452-2461

3300 Folsom Blvd, 916-452-2461 

Sacramento, CA 95816 

Sherwin Williams Paint Store of Sacramento is known for its variety of concrete and wood stains, exceptional quality interior and exterior paints and painting supplies as well as a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

2. Dunn Edwards Paint Store

Phone: 916-829-7572

6770 Folsom Blvd. 916-829-7572 

Sacramento, CA 95819 

Dunn-Edwards has been the leading paint manufacturer in the Southwestern United States since 1925 and are committed to providing the superior products and services that customers have come to expect.

3. PPG Paint Store

Phone: 916-929-2758

2513 Arden Way 916-929-2758 

Sacramento, CA 95825 

This Sacramento store location offers excellent products and pro-level expertise for all your painting projects. 

4. Warehouse Paint

Phone: 916-452-2222 

4150 Power Inn Rd. 916-452-2222 

Sacramento, CA 95826

From residential repaints to custom cabinetry, the team at Warehouse Paint can assist you every step of the way. 

5. Sherwin Williams Paint Store

Phone: 916-399-5870

7135 S. land Park Dr. #101 

Sacramento, CA 95831 

This Sherwin Williams Paint Store location offers high-quality paints, stains, and supplies to bring your ideas to life. Have questions that need answers? Ask the team at Sherwin Williams. 

6. Jerry’s Paint and Supply Inc

Phone: 916-483-4661 

3358 Fulton Ave. 

Sacramento, CA 95821 

Jerry’s Paint and Supply store strives to deliver the service and quality their customers need to support and ensure their success. 

7. Kelly-Moore Paints

Phone: 916-731-5809

6800 Folsom Blvd.  

Sacramento, CA 95819 

At Kelly-Moore Paints, you’ll discover that excellent service combined with quality products are a winning combo for any painting project you hope to tackle. 

8. Sherwin Williams Commercial Paint Store

Phone: 916-419-0805

1200 Del Paso Rd. Ste 120

Sacramento, CA 95834 

Sherwin Williams Commercial Paint Store of Sacramento supplies professional customers and contractors in business to business and industrial sectors with exceptional paint and equipment. 

9. FinishMaster, Inc.

Phone: 916-452-5738 

1427 N. Market Blvd #2 

Sacramento, CA 

At FinishMaster, their goal is to be a key factor in your success which is why they provide the support and tools you and your business need to thrive. 

10. PPG Paint Services

Phone: 916-739-8035

2828 Q St.  

Sacramento, CA 95816

Find what you need for your next project from the variety of paints, stains, and supplies offered at PPG Paint Services. 


Anyone who’s tried their hand at painting knows just how important it is to use good quality products and supplies. Your projects will run smoother and go faster when you not only have the best tools but have access to expert advice. Each of the paint stores mentioned above has demonstrated superior customer service and has left its customers with an excellent overall experience. 

If you have painting questions and are located in the Sacramento-Elk Grove area, reach out to PaintRite Pros. We are the leading painting professionals when it comes to interior and exterior painting, cabinet painting, epoxy flooring, and more. Let us help your vision become your reality. We serve the entire Sacramento area including Dixon, Roseville, Stockton, and more. We also have Spanish speakers on staff!

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