Resilience Paint vs Duration vs SuperPaint: Which is Best?

Posted on: February 7th, 2022

Resilience vs Duration vs SuperPaint

So you’re painting your home, but you don’t know if you should use Resilience paint or another of Sherwin Williams’ high-quality paints. We get it. Painting can be expensive, and you want to make sure you choose paint that will last. Resilience, Duration, and SuperPaint are all considered premium paints, so the paint that is best for you will depend on your project.

Are you painting your exterior? Updating your porch? Refreshing your kitchen? Or painting the whole house, top to bottom? Whatever your project, check out our guide to see whether Resilience paint, Duration, or SuperPaint by Sherwin Williams are right for you. 

How Long Does It Take for Paint To Dry?

Sherwin Williams Resilience vs Duration Paint

Both Resilience paint and Duration are high-quality products by Sherwin Williams, so what’s the difference between the two? Each paint has different qualities that will make it better for your needs depending on your project.

Resilience Paint

One of the best attributes of Resilience paint is how quickly it’s ready to withstand the weather. For most paints, you need at least four hours of drying time before it’s safe from rain and moisture. This can mean a project has to be delayed because there isn’t enough time for the paint to dry before a storm comes. Resilience paint, on the other hand, only needs two hours before it’s ready. Using MoistureGuard technology, Resilience paint resists mold and mildew. That means picking a day to paint is easier, with fewer concerns about the weather. You can also start a project later in the day and not worry about evening moisture.

Aside from its resistance to mold and mildew, Resilience paint is a durable, exterior paint. In fact, it’s backed by a lifetime limited warranty (as long as it’s applied correctly). Resilience covers dark colors well and is easy to apply. The paint flows and levels for a smooth appearance. For exteriors that are already painted, you’ll need just two coats of paint. However, for unpainted surfaces, you will need a primer. Resilience paint works for aluminum/vinyl siding, wood siding, clapboards, shakes, shingles, plywood, masonry, and metal. If you’re painting vinyl siding, Resilience is available in 100 vinyl safe colors.

Resilience Paint Use

One thing to note about Resilience paint is that it is meant exclusively for exterior painting. After all, rainstorms and morning dew aren’t a concern when painting interiors. Still, Resilience has low VOC, and if you’re painting the outside of your home, Resilience is a great product to use.

Resilience is offered in the following sheens:

  • Flat
  • Satin
  • Gloss

Duration Paint

Unlike Resilience paint, Duration does offer both exterior and interior versions. Although it doesn’t dry as quickly as Resilience paint, Duration does have anti-microbial technology that slows the growth of mold and mildew. 

Probably the biggest difference between Duration and Resilience is how thick Duration is. The paint layer is 70 percent thicker than other exterior paint. This can make Duration more difficult to apply. However, it’s also part of what makes Duration paint so durable. According to Sherwin Williams, you only need one coat of Duration and no primer when applying to a pre-painted surface. Duration also comes with a lifetime limited warranty. 

Duration works really well for heavily trafficked areas inside your home. It hides pre-existing stains and resists the formations of new stains. Whether it’s a bathroom or playroom, Duration lasts long and doesn’t fade. In its exterior variety, it holds up against color fading, cracking, and flaking.

Duration is offered in the following sheens: 

  • Flat
  • Satin
  • Gloss
  • Low lustre
  • Matte
  • Semi-gloss

Comparing the Two

Both Resilience and Duration are really good paints. Choosing which one you want depends on your project. If weather is a concern, go with Resilience, which will dry in time to avoid moisture concerns. If you’re looking for an extremely durable product, Duration may be the better choice. 

Another factor to consider is price. Resilience paint costs less per gallon than Duration. If you’re planning to move in a few years, Resilience might be the better choice to help you save money. 

Sherwin Williams Resilience vs SuperPaint

Just like Resilience paint and Duration, SuperPaint is high-quality paint. But how does it compare to Resilience? 


SuperPaint is a durable paint that resists dirt and mildew and lasts in extreme weather conditions. It can be applied down to 35 degrees F and is considered a self-priming paint. Like Duration, SuperPaint can be formulated indoors or outdoors. 

SuperPaint comes with a warranty, but it isn’t a lifetime warranty like Resilience paint has. It has a high degree of breathability, so SuperPaint is great for painting old houses that have a lot of layers of paint. 

SuperPaint comes in the following sheens:

  • Flat
  • Low lustre
  • Satin 
  • Gloss 
  • High Gloss

Comparing Resilience to SuperPaint

Both SuperPaint and Resilience come in 100 vinyl safe colors. Previously, homeowners were limited to only light shades for vinyl, since dark shades attract heat, which could damage the vinyl. Sherwin Williams’ vinyl safe colors protect the vinyl from this kind of damage, meaning more color options for you. 

Another trait Resilience and SuperPaint have in common is low VOCs, meaning they give off fewer gasses that are harmful to the environment. 

One of the differences between the two is that SuperPaint is self-priming, while Resilience paint is not. If you’re looking to save time on a project, you might save time with SuperPaint. On the other hand, if you want more durable paint, you’re probably better off with Resilience paint. 

Sherwin Williams Duration vs SuperPaint

Both Duration and SuperPaint have interior and exterior options, so you might be wondering how they are different. SuperPaint is less expensive, and that’s because it isn’t quite as durable as Duration paint. SuperPaint comes with a 15-year warranty, whereas Duration comes with a lifetime limited warranty. 

Duration is a thicker coating than SuperPaint. It’s more expensive, but also much more durable. Because it’s so thick, it has less breathability, which may be a concern if painting over many layers of paint. In that case, SuperPaint is more breathable and may be better for an older home. 

Sherwin Williams Resilience Reviews

One of the best ways to see if a product is right for you is to look at what the customers are saying about it. Here are some Resilience paint reviews from customers.

Tiffany from Painting by Tiffany says, “this is our go-to exterior paint. We always receive calls for exterior entry door repaints and we have had nothing but success with Resilience.

Another happy customer, Andrew, says he’s used Resilience on his own house and that “It withstands the Texas heat well.”

Blake says that, “this paint does a very good job of covering primed LP Smart trim with 1 coat. I would highly recommend it to anyone painting wood on the exterior of your home.”


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