Best Interior Paint Colors for Selling a House 

Posted on: May 18th, 2021

When people first step foot in your home, the color of your walls can leave a negative first impression or wow them with classic simplicity. So, what are the best interior paint colors for selling a house? Buyers often remember a property they have looked at by its flaws or features that stand out in a negative way. “That house with the Pepto pink bedroom”, or “That awful orange wall in the basement” is not how you want buyers to be talking about your home. You don’t want the wrong colors hindering the sale of your home and depreciating the value of your property. 

Thankfully, paint is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to upgrade your home and get it sell-ready. Let’s explore what the trending interior colors are that can help you sell and get top dollar for your home.

How to Spackle: Tips From the Experts 

Neutral Tones 

Realtors and decorators across the board agree that neutral tones are always a win when it comes to the best interior paint colors for selling a house. Neutral colors are appealing to a wide range of people and coordinate with multiple color palettes. Tones of a neutral nature enable potential buyers to visualize themselves living in your home. They have been a hit with buyers for decades. 

The key is to choose an undertone that compliments your furniture, flooring, and window coverings. Every color of paint has an undertone that is either warm, cool, or neutral. 

  • Warm Undertones

    Colors with a warm undertone originate from a base of red, yellow, or orange. Beige, tan, and cream are extremely flexible neutrals that fall in the warm category. Many people are drawn toward warm tones because they are inviting, cozy, and upbeat. Colors with warm undertones are a beautiful complement to natural light and are often associated with energy and playfulness. If you want a room to feel more spacious, warm tones are a great choice.

  • Cool Undertones

    Cool shades have a base that is in the realm of blue, purple, or even green. Calming and relaxing, these cool tones contribute to a sleek, soothing vibe. Popular in bedrooms and bathrooms, cooler hues can make a smaller space feel much larger. 

  • Neutral Undertones

    Neutral shades meet in the middle of the warm and cool tones as they are a perfect balance of both. Colors like white and grey can lean either cooler or warmer depending on their undertones. Add more yellow for warmth and bluer for cool.


When you are choosing the best interior paint colors for selling a house, interior decorators advise picking a color and staying consistent with it throughout your home. Stick with whichever neutral tone you have chosen for all connecting living spaces, including the entryway. Uniformity will make the entire painted area appear more open and spacious.


Don’t forget to factor in the influence lighting will have on your interior walls. Have you ever painted a room only to realize that the end result looks far from the color you had envisioned? This has everything to do with the type of lighting your room is experiencing. For example, the color swatch of your choice may look dusty blue when you are painting it on the walls during daylight hours. But, once the sun sets and all-natural light fades, your walls may appear gray. 

It’s important to consider the type of lighting that exists in the area you’re painting. A dark hallway without much natural light will need a color that works in artificial lighting, while a room filled with sunlight and windows will work best with a tone that reflects natural light. 

Most homeowners don’t enjoy bright lights filling their homes on a day-to-day basis. But, when selling your home, the lighter the better. Fill rooms that have little or no natural light with lamps containing extra bright bulbs. 

Best House Paint Colors

There are countless options to choose from when it comes to picking the most popular interior paint colors for selling your home. If you are struggling to decide amongst the myriad of swatches, it never hurts to see what’s trending in your own neighborhood. Look up recent home listings in your area for ideas of what buyers are drawn to and consider your options. 

Go Gray 

Shades of gray are without a doubt the most loved interior colors of the year. As a color that’s neither black nor white, gray is by far the most popular neutral. The cool hues have taken over beige or tan, which were long-time favorites. Gray is extremely versatile and suits nearly any interior style. It’s a perfect match with other popular neutrals such as beige, taupe, cream, or white. 

Once upon a time, gray was considered to be dull and boring. Now, it is revered for adding character to any home decor style. Gray can be paired with varying textures such as wood, leather, and greenery to add sophistication and depth. 

Wonderful White 

White, in all its various shades and hues, will always be a timeless classic. It’s one of the favorite standard interiors for good reason. White leaves future buyers with a clean slate and gives any space a fresh-kept appearance. Being neutral, it’s guaranteed to work with any style you choose. While white is classic, it isn’t always the best choice for every room. Areas of your home that are highly trafficked or where children will be playing would do much better with a darker color that won’t show dirt and scuff marks. 

One major advantage of white tones is their ability to reflect light and make any room appear larger and brighter. Airy white is a perfect fit for bedrooms and kitchens alike. 

Pale Blue

Soothing and soft, pale blue is making waves when it comes to popular interior hues. While blue isn’t considered a true neutral, pale blue is still versatile and muted enough to be a hit with homebuyers. Perfect for bathrooms and smaller spaces, pale blue nicely complements brick, shiplap, and bright white molding and trim.

Best Time of Year to Paint a House 

When you’re deciding on the best time to paint your house, make sure to choose carefully. We often assume that summer is the perfect time to give your home a makeover. While this can hold true much of the time, you need to consider the specific climate to where you live. The high humidity levels in certain locations can cause problems, especially if there is excessive water vapor in the air. This reduces the paint’s ability to adhere, making it more difficult to spread evenly. 

Winter can actually be a wonderful time to paint the interior of your home. In the winter, humidity levels are low. This ensures that your paint will dry faster and adhere to your walls better. Because many homeowners believe summer is the best time to paint, many painting professions are in high demand during the hotter months. During the winter months, the demand for interior painting services is significantly less which means cheaper quotes for you.

House Color Ideas by Room 

Select a Finish 

Before you pick your color for any room, consider the finish. The reflection and durability of certain finishes may affect which color you go with. Go with a high-gloss for kitchens and bedrooms and a satin finish for your living room. Eggshell works well in bedrooms. Glossy finishes are best for areas with heavy traffic where dirt and smudges easily occur because it’s really easy to wipe clean. 


Before and After Kitchen Cabinet Colors

To make your kitchen light and airy, choose a color on the pale side, preferably in keeping with the other common areas in your home. You can add dimension by doing your island and cabinets in a slightly different shade. In the current market, when in doubt, you can’t go wrong with white cabinetry. 

Powder Room 

You can have a little more fun with the powder room or guest bath and vier from the color used in the common areas. Get creative and add some personality. But, don’t get too carried away. Even the guest bath needs to be buyer-friendly which is why sage green or light blue are recommended. 

Common Areas 

Common areas include your living room, dining room, and hallways. We recommend going with a shade of gray, beige, or white for these areas. A shade of a neutral nature that isn’t harsh or dark will appeal to a wide variety of buyers while showing uniformity. 


In ideal conditions, your common areas and bedrooms should all be painted the same color. If this isn’t a possibility, it isn’t the end of the world. Typically, buyers are the most forgiving of bedrooms as they tend to be of a more personal nature. Still, it is wise not to be too bold and bright as bedrooms should bring us to a place of calm and relaxation. 

Conclusion on Best Interior Paint Colors for Selling a House

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