How to Paint a Brick House 

Posted on: January 12th, 2021

Brick is a very popular home building material. It’s low maintenance, durable, retains its color well, and is weather and fire-resistant. It brings sophistication and elegance to any home. But, what do you do when your brick home starts to look outdated, dingy, or run down? Many homeowners are intimidated to attempt to paint their brick home because bricks are notorious for being difficult to paint. With the right paint and proper preparations, you can simplify the process and give your property a cleaner, more fresh look. So let’s break down this process of how to paint a brick house. 


Prepping is the first and most important step you need to take in making sure painted exterior brick is done correctly. 

  • Like any job, having the right tools on hand will make the job flow much easier and smoother. You will definitely want to have a sprayer or roller that can cover a large area at one time. We recommend a sprayer if possible. You will also need a brush on hand for any drips or hard to reach areas. 
  • Be sure to clean the brick thoroughly with a cleaning mixture before you do anything else. You can scrub them down with a simple solution of soap and water with a stiff-bristled brush and rinse it down with a hose. 
  • After cleaning, you’ll want to fill in all cracks with acrylic caulk. Be sure to allow for plenty of time for the caulk to dry before applying your exterior coat of paint. 
  • Now, you will want to cover all the windows and doors with plastic to protect them from overspray. 
  • Start painting with either a sprayer or a brush 

What kind of paint should I use for brick? 

It is very important to choose the proper kind of paint when painting brick. We recommend using either a mineral-based paint or a latex-paint made specifically for masonry. Either will do the trick, but mineral-based paint will hold up better in the long run.

What will it cost me to paint my brick home? 

As with any type of home improvement project, doing it yourself is definitely the cheaper, more cost-effective option. If you have the time and energy to tackle the project on your own, you will only be paying for the paint and the tools. So for example, to paint a 2500 square foot home when doing it yourself will cost you roughly $800. That is including the paint and a good quality sprayer. 

When hiring out, labor can run anywhere between $150-$350 an hour. For the same 2500 square foot home, hiring a professional painter will cost you roughly $7500 to have the entire brick home painted. Keep in mind that professionals take care of all the prep work and clean-up and are trained and experienced. Quite often homeowners sacrifice quality for cost. 

If you have a home that is on the larger size, with lots of windows and high roof peeks, it may be money well spent to hire out the job.

What color should I paint my brick home? 

Removing paint from brick is messy and nearly impossible, so make sure you’re fully committed to the color you choose before jumping in. Here are some of the best colors to paint a brick house.

1. White 

There is nothing really more classic than a beautifully painted white brick home. Pairing white with black shutters and doors can make your home feel like a piece of history while also giving it a crisp and updated look.

2. Green 

Green is making quite a comeback for both exterior and interior use. The trendy focus leans more toward earthier greens with olive undertones than the lighter shades of the 2000’s such as sage. Greens bring out the natural beauty of your landscaping as well.

3. Light Grey 

Grey is a classic color but tends to add an element of depth that white just can’t offer. It allows both accent colors and landscaping to pop and really stand out against it. When paired with white trim, light grey can really show off the personality of your home.

Get expert help painting exterior brick 

Now that you know how to paint a house, you’re well on your way! Our professionals here at PaintRite Pros are well experienced and happy to assist in any painting projects for your home or business. From free color consultations to free project quotes, we will be there to make your vision a reality. We’re based in Elk Grove, CA, and serve the entire Sacramento area. 


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