Paintbrush and a can of white paint on wooden floor

If you need to have your baseboards in Sacramento painted, look no further than PaintRite Pros. We are a family owned business who specializes in commercial and residential painting jobs, with a hand picked team of passionate painters who take pride in doing the best job possible every single time. The quality of our service and customer satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us at PaintRite—let us help you add a little color into your life today!

Wide Range of Painting Services Available

At PaintRite Pros, we can use a few coats of a new paint or finish to create the look of totally new baseboards in your home or commercial space. While baseboards may look simple enough to paint, it’s important that the proper steps are taken before, during, and after the painting process to ensure the highest quality finished product is made, with not a drop of color out of place. For exterior baseboards, we not only add the color and finish but make sure to weatherproof as well, making sure that they look like new baseboards long after the job is done.

Aside from painting baseboards in Sacramento, PaintRite Pros also makes available a wide range of other services, including exterior home painting, interior home painting, exterior commercial painting, and interior commercial painting. We can also paint your fences, cabinets, decks, and more. In addition, PaintRite offers quality weatherproofing services to any project that needs it. Call today to set up an appointment for a free consultation with us. We won’t let you down!