Do you need new baseboards for your home in Folsom? If so, the professional contractors at PaintRite Pros can install new baseboards in your home, leaving you with a refreshed and attractive look in your beautiful home. Most people know us for our painting services, but we do baseboards too!

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The PaintRite Pros are proud to be the premiere painting and home improvement specialists. We have installed new baseboards in lots of Folsom homes. We also specialize in exterior and interior commercial painting, as well as residential projects. We’ll take care of all the prep, work, and clean up. Old baseboards can really detract from your home’s appeal. If you want to spruce up to place and add value to your home, simply replacing your old, grimy baseboards will make a huge difference. We can also repair damaged wood trim, and if your cabinets are looking old and out of style, we can breathe new life into them with our cabinet painting and finishing services, and for substantially less cost than a total replacement. Our high quality work can’t be beat!

PaintRite Pros is a family-run painting company that understands the need for a beautiful home. We strive to share the same pride we have in our homes with you because we seek to help you love your home as much as we love ours. Homeowners in Folsom know to call us whenever they need new baseboards, trim repair or replacement, interior or exterior painting services, and much more. Give us a call today so you can learn more and to schedule an appointment with the best painting contractor.

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