Reno Residential Interior Painting Services

Embarking on residential interior painting projects can feel overwhelming, especially when faced with multiple rooms. At PaintRite Pros in Reno, we shoulder all the tasks for you – your only responsibility is selecting the paint colors! Our comprehensive service encompasses all preparation work, including cleaning, priming, and addressing minor repairs, ensuring a hassle-free experience. We can paint everything from walls and cabinets to door frames and wainscoting throughout the Reno area including Carson City, Sparks, and more!

Residential Interior Painting in Reno

Residential Interior Painting Services Done Right

Boasting a skilled team of painting professionals with abundant experience, complemented by approachable customer service and imaginative design advisors, we surpass the offerings of ordinary painting firms. While some simply apply paint and depart, we distinguish ourselves by taking the extra steps. We dedicate the time needed to execute the task meticulously and surpass your anticipations. Our services transcend mere wall painting, encompassing:

  • Walls and Ceilings
  • Doors and Windows
  • Baseboard, Trim and Chair Rail & Crown Moulding
  • Mantels
  • Cabinets and Shelving
  • Paneling and Wainscoting

Our residential interior painters even do repairs like loose baseboards, loose nails, cracks, patchwork, and more. Even tricky things like wainscoting or interior stucco are no match for us! Of course, we’re not a handyman service, so we only do repairs when as part of an interior paint job.


See The Transformation

House interior before painting Before
House interior after painting After

Free Color Consultation

Whether you are looking to renovate your home or give it a color update, new paint can change a lot. Fresh colors and a new, vibrant feel will make you excited to be home again! It doesn’t matter if you just moved in or you’ve been there for years, a fresh coat of paint will make it feel brand new again.

PaintRite Pros is ready to tackle your residential interior painting services in Reno so you don’t have to. Make one phone call to learn more about our services and ask for a free estimate. Stop trying to figure out when to find the time to paint yourself and leave that up to us! Your home will look and feel refreshed after PaintRite Pros are finished with it!


Painter Interior Walls in Reno

Top Residential Interior Painters in Reno

While we proudly claim to be Reno’s leading residential interior painters, we understand the importance of substantiating our words. As they say, talk is inexpensive. We back our assertions with concrete evidence in the form of reviews and visuals. Our Google reviews showcase an impressive nearly five-star rating, accumulated not from a mere few reviews but from the endorsement of countless satisfied clients. Furthermore, we proudly display an array of images showcasing the outcomes of our residential interior painting endeavors in the Reno region. Get in touch with us to explore the possibilities for your space!

Why Choose Our Interior Painting Services? 

We source our interior paints and painting materials from the local Sherwin Williams in Reno. Moreover, painting is ingrained in our very essence. Our painters boast decades of experience in residential interior painting, while our founder’s lineage boasts a rich history of painters. He learned the art of painting from his parents, who also operate a residential interior painting business. This heritage has permeated his life, and now even his son follows in his footsteps as a painter.

Lastly, we provide free estimates and all of our work comes with a warranty. It’s a horrible feeling to pay for a service only to have it fade or peel in a year or two. That’s why we warranty all of our work. We want you to have peace of mind in knowing that your new home interior paint job is going to last for years and years.

Before considering us or any other interior house painting company in Reno, we highly recommend taking advantage of our complimentary estimate! Our team will visit your residence to conduct an in-person assessment of your home’s interior. This meticulous approach ensures the accuracy of our estimate. While some companies provide online estimates, these often lack precision. Why do we insist on an in-person visit for the estimate? While some might think that the square footage is all that’s needed, the reality is more complex. The square footage alone doesn’t encompass your home’s layout. Details like the number of walls and their height play a significant role. Numerous factors contribute to an accurate estimate, and without viewing your property, we can’t provide a precise figure.

Interior Commercial Painting 

When it comes to painting the interior of your home, only a professional can deliver professional results. You expect clean lines and a smooth finish and want your walls to appear flawless. When you hire our interior house painting service, you will receive the high-quality standards you’ll love coming home to. 

Color Coordination and Consultation 

With hundreds of paint colors to choose from, it can be extremely daunting to know which one is right for your interior walls. Not to mention that you’ll need to decide which finish will be most appropriate. Our team will be by your side to help you pick a color that fits the style of your home but also the finish that will protect your paint and keep up with your lifestyle.

Painting Baseboards

Up Close Painted Cabinets

Reno Interior Painter at Work

EPA Certified 

At PaintRite Pros of Reno, all our workers are EPA Lead Certified. This means that our staff are qualified and trained by EPA-approved providers to work on any project or renovation that may disturb lead-based paint in your home. Your safety is of our utmost concern which is why we always follow lead-safe practices. 

Cabinet Painting and Refinishing 

Your cabinets are the face of your kitchen. Over time they need a little TLC to keep them looking in tip-top shape. At PaintRite Pros, our technicians have years of experience both painting and refinishing cabinets and can help you select the perfect stain or color for your kitchen. 

Areas We Serve 

PaintRite Pros of Reno has an excellent reputation of doing quality work. We not only service the entire Reno area but also the following surrounding areas: 

  • Sparks
  • Carson City
  • Fernley
  • Sun Valley
  • Cold Springs
  • Spanish Springs
  • Dayton
  • Incline Village
  • Verdi
  • Virginia City


Painting Services

Have questions about your residential or commercial painting needs? Contact us online or give us a call at 916-667-8050 to request a free estimate appointment.

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