HOA Condos exterior paintingWith PaintRite Pros HOA & Commercial painting services, you can reduce your stress level and make your properties look like new. We provide quality painting and repairs, all suitable to the regulations your HOA states. For both residential and commercial properties, we can take away some of the burden of that long to do list. We do more than just paint. Our services include waterproofing, making your building safe for all the elements. We do all the prep work:

  • Priming
  • Cleaning
  • Minor repairs
  • Wood finishing
  • High end enamel work
  • And more!

Free Color Consultation

It’s easy to keep your communities looking great with HOA & Commercial painting services. We can paint practically any service including wood, siding, stucco, and fences. Our long list of services also includes deck staining and wood finishing. Outside to inside, you can make your properties better than even and you won’t have to pick up more than the phone to make the call. No more cleaning, power washing, taping, or brushing. We’ve got all the work under control. We even have consultants available to help you select the perfect color (as long as it falls within the HOA laws, of course)!

HOA rules and regulations can often have strict guidelines and we promise to follow them exactly. Our team of experts is ready to get the job done so you can start worrying about more important matters. Our paint, repair, and waterproofing services will keep you happy for years to come, knowing the job was done by the best. Give us a call today for a free consultation and to learn more about our extensive HOA & Commercial property services.

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