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Dry Rot Repair Sacramento

When you need dry rot repair in Sacramento, a painting team may not be your first thought. Maybe it should be! Through our experience, we have become dry rot experts, catching the problem and taking all the necessary steps to stop and eradicate the problem. This can be a serious issue when it comes to your home, deck, fence, cabinet or other property. Rotting wood can become a safety hazard and compromise the structural integrity of the structure. Taking precautions can help stop or slow the spread of dry rot, and we can help.

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Dry Rot Inspection & Prevention

The first step is always prevention. Getting a dry rot inspection is key to preventing the problem in the first place. Keeping wood healthy and protected from the elements helps combat the fungus that causes dry rot. With our painting services, we provide a barrier that can prevent the rot from beginning or spreading. No matter what your project entails, we always use a keen eye to check for any problems related to the problem and then fix them before we proceed. This includes dry rot repair. Sacramento homeowners trust in our services and experience to provide them with exception repair services, making their renovation projects worry-free for years to come.

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Ignoring dry rot and not taking steps to repair or prevent it can lead to more expensive repair projects down the line. Let PaintRite Pros inspect and manage your dry rot repairs in Sacramento so you can relax knowing your home is in good hands. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a free estimate and consultation or to lean more about our painting, staining, and repair services.

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"PaintRite Pros! The name speaks for itself!"


Chris G. came out to do the interior estimate during a busy exterior paint season. I just moved into to my home which was screaming for new and fresh paint over the chalky and white paint from top to bottom. Chris and Lowis from PaintRite Pros came through for us. They were able to find the time for their painters (3 of the best) to work on my 2300 sq ft home. It was a lot of work. Moldings (base and crown), ceilings, laundry, etc. These guys are truly professionals. They did not rest until they were done and we were happy. It took a total of 4 days to complete and it was worth the wait. The results were clean, straight lines and beautiful colors that Chris G. helped pick out. My wife is happy and I am happy. I will be using them for my exterior next year or so.

"My house looks great!"


How awesome to have a 3100 square foot home painted professionally in one day. I was very impressed with the professionalism and communication through out the process. My house looks great!!!!

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