"I knew I could trust you."

My old craftsman (1921construction) in Bay Area really needed a makeover. Decided to go with Paintrite (because competitive bid and very customer focused ). They came from Sacramento and that was a risk I took. Three days later I am a happy customer. Home looks great. Followed their advice on some decisions I had to make (old cracked walkway, Old worn deck that still had some life in it). House looks fantastic, and neighbors have been complimenting. Next door neighbor says he has almost passed up his house (parking) twice already because the house looks so different. Its more vibrant, has beautiful red walkway, and then you go to backyard and the deck looks completely different and new. We took the advice and covered the old natural color-- white rails and brown floor. It looks so new and beautiful now. So happy with it. Standing next to newly painted detached garage (100 yr. old garage suddenly looks new and so pretty in light jade green with white trim). My husband and I are very happy. Thank you so much Painrite. Special thanks to Bryan Perez-- I knew I could trust you.

Be the envy of your neighborhood!

A new coat of paint on the exterior of your home adds curbside appeal and value.