1. In order to receive referral rewards, please pass on this card to your friend, family or neighbor and make sure they have it on them during the bid. We will take note of it on our system.
  2. Once they sign with us, you will both receive an email that will let you choose which reward you want.
  3. If the project is under $1,000, you each will receive a $25 gift card to itsagrind, Safeway, or [name].

    If the project is over $1,000, you each will receive a $50 gift card to [name], [name], or [name].

  4. From date of signing, please allow 5-7 business days to receive your reward.


  1. Each card is a one time use for rewards. One reward for referrer and one reward for referree per card. If you would like to give us another referral, please contact our office by phone or email and we will send you more referral cards. Limit 5 per customer.
  2. Referral card ONLY valid with an estimator’s signature.


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