A stock photograph of an artists paint brush with fresh colorful paint on its bristles.

Looking for enamel painting in Roseville? PaintRite Pros serves the surrounding area with high end enamel painting, able to withstand anything that comes its way. With a hard, glossy finish, enamel is as easy to clean and strong as it is beautiful. We only work with the best materials and hire the most talented painters, giving you a high quality product that you’ll enjoy for a long time.

Painting That Will Last Forever

Whether you just moved in or you’ve decided to renovate the look, a fresh coat of paint is a fantastic way to brighten and update a space. Painting is relatively inexpensive, giving you a total transformation in a short amount of time. It can, however, be awfully time-consuming. From prep work to clean up, a simple paint job may take several days (or weeks!) to complete. With our services, we include a color consultation, all the taping, repairs, and priming, as well as the clean up after the job is complete. We work with many different types of painting, including high end enamel painting, as well as a variety of surfaces.

Cabinets, fences, decks, baseboards, and more can all benefit from enamel painting. Roseville homeowners love how durable and easy to clean it is, making it perfect for high-traffic areas and outdoor spaces. Enamel can withstand weather and heavy usage and we can help you make the right choices if you’re interested in what it can offer you. Serving the Roseville area, PaintRite Pros is proud to offer enamel painting and many other additional painting services. Call us today to schedule your free estimate!