Painting Contractor Sacramento. Sacramento painters at PaintRite Pros have the highest levels of skill.

If you’re looking for Painting Contractors in Sacramento CA for either an exterior or interior paint job, look no further than PaintRite Pros. Located in convenient Elk Grove, our team of thirty Sacramento Painters can help you complete your job in no time so that your home will be looking fresh, without a costly whole home renovation. The start of a brand new home refresh begins with high-quality paint and expert application. Our professionals can help you pick the exact shade to bring your entire home together. We’re careful and exacting because we understand that your home is your most valuable possession.

Many Sacramento Painters consider their work a weekend side-gig. That’s not true for the professionals at PaintRite Pros. We’ve been in operation for twenty-five years, and with these decades of experience under our belts, we bring a level of expertise and care that you won’t find on NextDoor or Craigslist. We’re fully insured, licensed, and bonded. When you contract with us, you know that your painting contractors are full professionals who won’t leave you in a lurch with work half-finished. We’re a Better Business Bureau Accredited, Certified Lead-free Firm with reviews on yelp to help back up our claims. With thousands of satisfied customers behind us, you know that you won’t be getting any nasty surprises. Instead, you can feel confident in the clean and professional manner in which we approach our work.

Whether you have one bathroom that needs to be painted or need your entire home refreshed, consider contacting our painting contractors in Sacramento CA today. We’re here to help, no matter the scale of your project. With our free estimate, you’ll know exactly what to expect. Call our office today at 916-667-8050. We’re happy to set up an appointment and begin working with you on your next home painting project.

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