Man dipping paintbrush into purple paint can

If your home needs new paint in Sacramento CA, there’s only one place you need to call. From the preparation to the final clean up, we make house painting the easiest home improvement task one your list. With a professional painter, you don’t have to worry about a thing. We paint exterior and interior surface and go beyond the walls. Fences, gutters, cabinets, ceilings, you name it, we’ll paint it! Whether you need to refresh your current residence or you’ve moved into a new one with questionable color choices, we are ready to get started.

Free Color Consultation

The process of inside painting can be expensive and time consuming. Equipment and prep time alone can add up fast. Our team of pros clean and prep the surface, prime and paint, and do any minor repair work, touch ups and clean up. The most stressful thing you’ll have to do is pick a color – and we can help with that, too! We offer a free color consultation for new paint in your Sacramento CA house. Stop being your own painter and hire one of ours and you can enjoy a new fresh color in no time.

High Quality Painting Services

Contact us at 916-667-8050 to get started. You can schedule an appointment, request an estimate, or learn more about our entire selection of services. When your home needs a fresh coat of color, PaintRite Pros is your trusted house painter! Sacramento CA home and commercial business owners trust us for new paint, refreshed surfaces, and impeccable customer service. Once you try our painted services once, you’ll never pick up a paint brush yourself again!