PaintRite Pros offers expert HOA painting services to save you time, money, and stress. We can make your properties look as good as new while adhering to HOA regulations. Our HOA commercial painting will revitalize the look of your Elk Grove properties while preserving (or increasing) the value. We also offer quality repairs and waterproofing to protect your properties from the elements. Let us help you take some of the burdens off your to-do list! Contact us today for a free quote.

When you work with us for your HOA painting services, we’ll make the entire process smooth and seamless. We’ll handle all the prep work. All surfaces will be primed and cleaned before the first layer of paint goes down. We’ll also take care of any minor repairs that are needed. After all the preparation has been completed, we’ll expertly apply your paint. Our team is also skilled in wood finishing, high-end enamel work, and much more. We even have consultants available to help you select a color that falls within your HOA guidelines.

HOA Painting Services

We know that HOAs have very strict regulations when it comes to the uniformity of the community. Many times, HOAs require the exterior paint to be a certain shade. With our HOA commercial painting, you can trust that we’ll follow the guidelines of your HOA completely. Our experienced color specialists can help you select a color that not only fits your HOA requirements but also adds beauty to your Elk Grove home and the community.

We Guarantee Quality

With our HOA painting services, you also get the benefit of the PaintRite Pros Promise:

  • We’ll start and finish on time
  • We’ll maintain a neat, clean work environment
  • We’ll be 100% committed to every detail

We proudly stand behind all our work and guarantee you’ll have a high-quality paint job you’ll be proud of. And if you’re not entirely satisfied with the job, we’ll make it right! If you’re interested in learning more about our HOA commercial painting, give us a call at 316-667-8050 or book your free estimate appointment online.