Commercial Painting Las Vegas

When you need expert commercial painting services in Las Vegas, turn to the professionals at PaintRite Pros. Our team can relieve your stress level and make your commercial building look as good as new. We offer interior and exterior painting services for commercial buildings, including apartments and HOAs. However, we do more than just paint! We handle all the prep-work, including priming, cleaning, and minor repairs. Additionally, we provide waterproofing, deck staining, wood finishing, and more. As commercial painting contractors with over 25 years of experience, our team will help you make your commercial building more attractive and profitable. Contact us today at 702-749-0195 to schedule a free estimate appointment.

The condition of the paint on your commercial building can make a huge impact on business. If the exterior of your restaurant or retail store looks shabby, it may not be attracting as many customers as it could. If you have a multifamily home with old peeling paint, it sends a message to potential tenants that the units aren’t well-maintained. The appearance of your exterior is a big factor in first impressions, so it’s important to refresh your building when the existing paint starts to age.

Commercial Painting Contractors you can Trust

Beyond aesthetics, using our commercial painting services keeps your building well-maintained. Our commercial painting contractors will remove any mildew, reset loose boards, patch cracks in stucco, and even caulk door and window frames. Taking care of these minor repairs will help keep your building in excellent condition and ensure a seamless paint job. Completing minor repairs during the painting process saves you time and money, too. You can have everything completed at once, rather than needing to hire separate services. We can address these small repairs now before they have the opportunity to get worse – and more costly! New paint will also keep the structure of your building protected by sealing out moisture, UV light, and wood-boring insects.

We use only the best paint from top-quality brands, including Vista Paint, Kelly Moore, and Sherwin-Williams Premium Paint. We stand behind our work and if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll make it right! When you want your Las Vegas building to be able to put its best face forward, schedule an appointment for a free estimate with our commercial painting contractors today!

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