If the inside of your office has started to look a bit shabby, our commercial painting services can help it look fresh and revitalized! Whether you’d like to brighten up your interior or fix areas of peeling and faded paint, you can trust us to provide high-quality work in a timely manner. We carefully repair and prep all surfaces to make sure that the finished paint job is smooth and consistent. Our team can work with you to determine a color scheme that will open up your office or reflect your brand. Our skilled commercial painters will go above and beyond to make the interior of your Sacramento business beautiful and welcoming. Contact us today to request a free quote.

Why Choose Commercial Painters?

Commercial painting covers large scale painting jobs, like restaurants and retail stores. Although apartments, condos, and HOA’s are residences, they also fall under the category of commercial painting. Commercial painters are skilled at updating the appearance of your business to meet your company’s messaging. They are also experienced working with general contractors and HOAs.

The interior walls of your business tell a story, one that your customers and clients will unconsciously pick up on. Anyone who walks into your business immediately makes an assumption about your business based on the feel of the room. Peeling paint or dull colors may send a negative message or make your space feel unkempt, dark, and small. Likewise, light, bright colors can open up the space, making it attractive and welcoming. If you’re marketing your business as trendy and modern, it’s best to select a color scheme that will reflect that. Your business space is another area to showcase the qualities that you want to convey to all who enter it. Additionally, the colors of a room can affect the mood of the people who spend time in it – an important consideration for customers and employees alike!

That’s why it’s important to work with a knowledgeable commercial interior painting company. We have extensive experience working with businesses just like yours to create a new space that fits the look, feel, and message of your company. Our team is made up of hand-picked commercial painters, creative design consultants, and friendly customer service reps who truly love what they do. We take the necessary time to make sure the job is done on time – and done right the first time. If for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied, we will make it right. When you are looking for commercial interior painting in Sacramento, we’re sure you’ll agree we’re the best team for the job! Contact us today at (916) 667-8050 to learn more about our services or request a free quote.