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If your home is in need of a refresh, why not hire the best painter Sacramento? PaintRite Pros has the experience, expertise, and exceptional customer service to make your home renovation goals a reality. We use the best materials and a detail oriented approach to get attractive, durable, and long lasting results for you.

As the best painting contractor in the area, we provide a full range of exterior and interior painting services. We can paint walls and ceilings, and our prep work includes minor repairs. We paint and stain all kinds of woodwork, including mantels. We paint doors and windows of any material. We paint and stain baseboards, trim pieces, chair rails, and crown molding. For a customized look, we can apply finishes of all kinds to cabinets and shelving. We also paint paneling and wainscoting.

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A full service paint job may require extensive prep work, repair work, and installation and modifications. The best painting contractor for your job will never cut corners on prep work. We will remove and replace baseboards and moulding when required, whether to upgrade these components or protect them during painting. We can perform minor texture treatments, such as skim coats. We will also remove wallpaper and repair the underlying wall surface to get the best possible paint job. If specialized treatments are required to remove wallpaper, we can refer you to a trusted partner firm to complete this work.

PaintRite Pros operates from our central office at 9880 Waterman Road #130 in Elk Grove, California. We have the experience to make any paint job a one stop shot, and our goal is to be the best painter in the Sacramento area. Give our office a call on any weekday to schedule your free painting estimate. Get the best house painter and enamel painting on your job, and get the results you expect for a reasonable cost.

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