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For a long lasting exterior paint job, you need the best painter Elk Grove. PaintRite Pros doesn’t skimp on prep work, and that is the key to the smooth and long lasting results that bring us satisfied customers, year after year. The best house painter makes sure to do all the appropriate prep work, indoors and out, but this is especially important outside. Exterior paint is not just about curb appeal. It protects your home itself from the elements. Peeling, flaking, or failing exterior paint can results in hundreds, even thousands of dollars of rot or rust damage to your home. What make us the best painter in Elk Grove? We treat your home as if it were our own.

Painting Service You Can Count On

PaintRite Pros employs a wide variety of exterior and interior preparation techniques to make sure you get the results you deserve. As the best painting contractor possible, we always use the right prep for the job. We use a powerful bleaching solution to eliminate all mildew from your home prior to doing any work. To remove dirt, pollen, cobwebs, and other debris, we pressure wash your home (as long as the construction is suitable) from top to bottom before starting work. All loose paint should be scraped and sanded before the new primer and paint is applied, and we never skimp on this step. If we encounter any loose nails on your siding, trim work, or eaves, we will reset them. The best painter in the Elk Grove area won’t leave potential problem areas just to save time.

We prime all bare and exposed areas with the appropriate primer for the underlying material. To make us the best house painter, our technicians know that one product does not fit all. After applying primer, we thoroughly caulk window and door frames. The perfect time to perform this protective (and energy saving) step is during painting. We will not damage your fixtures (such as lights, house numbers, mailboxes, and house numbers) during work. When possible, we will remove them and replace them after work is complete. If not, we will carefully protect them. We will also perform minor repairs, such as patching siding, as we encounter them. For large repairs, we may consult with a specialist, performing the work only with our customer’s fully informed consent.

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