House Painter Painting the Trim And Shutters of Home

Looking for the best house painter Roseville CA? Then start with PaintRite Pros. Whether your job is big or small, we only send the best painter out to get it done. Our success starts with our employees – their dedication and expertise is key to satisfying our valued customers.

Being the best painting contractor means tackling every job with expertise. We have the experience, tools, and techniques to paint any kind of surface. On the outside, this includes siding of wood, vinyl, and composite materials. We area also experienced in painting stucco, concrete, and brick. We are experienced in painting exterior pieces, include the fascia, eaves, shutters (whether they are vinyl or wood), and decorative trim. We can also paint exterior doors, from traditional entry doors to garage doors and metal security doors. PaintRite Pros also offers the option to stain exterior elements when appropriate, including siding, doors, decks, and rails. Rain gutters don’t have to be white! We can paint them to match or accent the body color of your house. We can also paint wrought iron fencing and railings. And, of course, we can paint decks, patio covers, pergolas, trellises, and porches of any material.

Quality Home Painting Services

A beautiful and long lasting exterior and interior paint job starts with prep work. To be the best house painter in Roseville CA we never skip a step. All exterior surfaces are pressure washed before painting, as long as the house is built in such a way that damage may not result. Older homes, or home with loose siding, may not be suitable for pressure washing. We have developed alternate cleaning and preparation methods for these situations.

Quality materials are a key part of getting the results you want out of a fresh paint job. The best painter always uses the right tools and products for the job at hand. We customize the quality materials we use to your project for great looking and long lasting results.

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