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PaintRite Pros believes that great customer service helps make us the best house painter Rancho Cordova. But the real key is our expert and patient work. This allows us to not just get attractive results, but long lasting ones. The best painting contractor for the job doesn’t skimp on prep work, and is patient in allowing each coat to dry. The results of this care and detail may not show for years, when less detailed work may fail while ours still looks as good as new. We strive to be the best painter for every job with care and communication, every time.

Does your home’s exterior contain metal elements? Then we may be the best house painter for your Rancho Cordova home. Painting metal requires thorough prep work and the right materials. At PaintRIte Pros we are experienced in applying and refreshing finishes to metal. Areas around your home that may benefit from a refresh include security doors, wrought iron fences, and metal gates. Keeping an intact coat of paint on exterior metal isn’t just important for aesthetics. It also preserves the material by controlling rust. Surfaces already highly impacted by rust may require treatment with specialized rust inhibitors before painting to prevent further damage.

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If your exterior paint deteriorates and is not immediately renewed, exterior damage may result. This damage should be properly repaired before painting. PaintRite Pros is happy to perform this work to prepare the surface for painting. Being the best painting contractor for your job, whether it is big or small, involves undertaking every step, carefully, and with the right material. Services we offer include wood repairs, stucco repairs, and dry rot repair. In some cases, replacement of wood pieces may be easier and less expensive than patches. If we encounter this situation, we will clearly discuss your options with you before performing any additional work.

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