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Can it be too hot to paint a house?With temperatures regularly blazing past the 100 degree mark in Elk Grove, Sacramento, and other nearby cities, it makes sense that homeowners might wonder, “can it be too hot to paint a house?” The answer is that it can be too hot to paint a house, but it seldomly affects our ability to paint your home. For interior house painting, it is possible to paint at any time. With modern air conditioning and fans, we are able to paint the inside of your home throughout the summer with no issues whatsoever. PaintRite Pros regularly has to take the weather into consideration for exteriors, as May-October is prime season for painting (because of the lack of rain). If the temperature is over 100 degrees, we need to be careful with the stability of the paint on the exterior of your home. In the heat of summer with the sun beating down, paint can crack or peel. In extreme conditions, paint can even blister. This may mean delaying the beginning of a job for a few days (we only begin a paint job when we are fully committed to working consecutive days until it is complete). It may also mean purposefully starting as early as possible, as soon as the dew from the evening before has dried, so we can paint before the heat of the day. As painting professionals, we use our knowledge and experience, as well as flexibility, to inform our decisions on when to paint.

Wondering if you can paint the outside of your house this summer? Fortunately, we have a team of trained and qualified individuals with years of experience. We keep a keen eye on the weather, from rain to extreme heat, and make judgement calls on when to paint every day. We adjust our schedules as needed to ensure the perfect paint job. PaintRite Pros keep a full-time staff of regular employees throughout the year, so we are always ready to access a job, give an estimate, and plan to start work, whether that’s working in the dead of winter or the hottest time of year.

Better Technology Means More Flexibility in Painting Temperatures

The technology of paint has improved considerably throughout the years. For example, if you pick up a can of paint it states that we can paint in 36 degree temps. We couldn’t have done that 5 years ago. If you pick up a can of paint, you can read the manufacturer’s recommended temperature range for an ideal paint job. We are excited about the future of paint – who knows how much the technology will improve in another 5 years! Since the temperature range of acceptable paint conditions has expanded, we are now able to paint home exteriors even more days of the year. Whatever the weather, call PaintRite Pros to schedule your estimate today.

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